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Union Farmers’ Market Bylaws

[Approved February 2019]



  1. The organization is known as the Union Farmers’ Market, which is a State of Maine not-for-profit group.

  2. The fiscal year shall be April 1 to March 31.

  3. These By-laws shall be reviewed and reaffirmed at the second winter planning meeting of each season. The

    bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the membership at this meeting, or any special meeting called for that purpose, provided copies of the proposed amendment or amendments have been distributed to each member with the notice of such meeting.


  1. The organization will be run by officers elected at a post-season Annual Meeting for a term of one year. Both vendors and volunteers may serve as officers.

  2. Regular business and educational meetings will be held during the year, the number and time to be decided by the membership.

  3. Special meetings may be called by the officers or any four members together upon a seven-day advance notice to all paid up members and volunteer officers.

  4. Decisions requiring a vote shall be decided by a quorum which shall consist of 51 percent of the voting membership.

  5. One vote per member and/or officer is allowed, regardless of the number of stalls that member operates. A member is defined as the farm or business.

  6. Simple majority votes carry the motion. In procedural matters, Robert’s Rules of Order will be the authority for all meetings.


  1. A member may hold up to two offices, if necessary. Elections shall be by written ballot or by a show of hands.

  2. A simple majority of a quorum of members is necessary to elect a candidate.

    Officers shall include:
    President • To preside over meetings, establish agenda, implement decisions of the membership, act as market manager, if necessary, oversee implementation of By-Laws and Rules, and endeavor to resolve conflict between members.

    Vice President • To preside at meetings in the absence of the president, assist with market managing, if necessary, and undertake such additional duties as the president and membership shall direct.
    Secretary • To take accurate minutes of all regular and special meetings, maintain a legible written record of meeting minutes, handle the organization’s correspondence, maintain a file with copies of all correspondence, maintain a list of available stalls and eligible stall holders, maintain an annual file of members’ licenses and proofs of insurance, and make a report at all business meetings.
    Treasurer • To keep the organization’s financial accounts; make reports at all business meetings, supply accountsummaries to members with a seven day notice, collect annual membership fees, and pay costs relating to advertising, insurance, and other market expenses in a timely manner. The treasurer may designate an assistant treasurer to help with fee collection when necessary. All market monies shall be deposited within 14 days of receipt.
    Market Manager • To oversee onsite setup and smooth operation of the market according to the Union Farmers’ Market Rules.


  1. The Union farmers’ Market is located on the Union Common across from the Union Post Office.

  2. The Market is open every Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. from May through October.

  3. Dates, times and locations may vary slightly from year to year as decided by the membership.

  4. The market may continue indoors in the late fall/winter season, space permitting and with approval of the


  5. These bylaws shall also apply to any indoor market.


  1. Membership is open to all persons who are accepted as vendors or elected volunteers.

  2. Membership shall be for fiscal year April 1 – March 31 inclusive.

  3. Vendor members must pay an annual fee for membership. The fee will be set by the voting membership and

    will be reviewed annually.

  4. New vendor applications will be reviewed during the January through March third Friday planning meetings.

  5. Applications submitted by prospective vendors will be voted upon when there is sufficient space to allow an

    additional vendor. If there is no space available, the application will be added to a waiting list maintained by the


  6. The market shall be comprised of members and volunteers who are voted in and accept responsibilities for

    governance of the market.

  7. The number of available spaces at the market will be determined annually by the membership. Site assignment

    will be decided by the membership. The Market Plan will be drawn up, maintained and enforced by the market

    manager, but will be available to all members.

  8. New members are provisional until completion of their first market season and approval by the majority of

    members at the first preseason business meeting. Provisional members have no voting rights.

  9. Each provisional and continuing member shall provide copies of appropriate required state licenses and proof of insurance as required with the Market Vendor Application.


  1. Annual dues for full time membership must be paid in full upon approval of Vendor Application (any level).

  2. Membership dues will be determined annually by the membership based on the annual budget.

  3. Dues for guest vendors will be as determined annually by the membership.

  4. All dues are non-refundable and cover from opening to closing of the entire market season. Members accepted

    during the season will pay the full season rate.


1. When two or more vendors on any market day believe that the selling practices of another vendor are detrimental to the market, they may call a special meeting of the membership. A majority of those present at the special meeting may require that the detrimental practices to be changed to conform to membership standards. Failure to do so may be cause for immediate dismissal if so voted by a two-thirds majority of all market members.



Amendments to the bylaws shall be in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order. All amendments shall be duly recorded in the minutes, with copies provided to all members by the next business meeting.

Download ByLaws [PDF]

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