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  1. I understand that attendance at each Market is necessary. If I am unable to attend a given Market I will

    provide 24-hours notice to the Market Manager or other Market officer regarding my absence.

    (Emergencies excepted.)

  2. I understand that attendance is also expected at Market meetings and that a valid excuse and ample

    notification is required when I am late or absent.

  3. I understand that all products, which include but are not limited to: vegetables, fruits, seedlings, herbs,

    preserves, fresh and dried flowers, meats, poultry, seafood, dairy products, crafts, etc., sold at the Market must be grown or produced by me with the following exception:
    Vendors may arrange to sell Maine grown or made products with prior approval of Market members. Such products must not exceed 25% of the given vendor’s display or on-site availability of products and may not compete with other member produced goods of the same kind unless otherwise agreed on by the membership.

  4. I understand that no live animals shall be sold at the Market.

  5. I understand that use by vendors of alcohol, cigarettes, or any prohibited substance is not allowed at the


  6. I agree to permit any photographs of me, my products, or my signage to be used in any and all Market

    publicity materials.

  7. I understand Market operation is a cooperative enterprise. I will contribute as requested to the best of

    my ability.

  8. I agree that I will not use the Market to proselytize or publicly promote any political or religious views.

  9. I understand that the Market has a “carry-in - carry-out” policy for all trash accumulated during the

    Market. I agree not to dispose of any trash or other items in town trash cans or dispose of any liquids,

    ice, coals, etc., on the grass or in drains around the Common.

  10. I agree to be present and set up at the Market at least 15 minutes prior to opening but agree not to sell

    without special permission until opening.

  11. I understand that I am expected to stay until close of each Market unless “sold out.”

  12. I agree to position my canopy, tables, and signage as instructed by the Market manager with utmost

    concern for the safety of all vendors and public.

  13. I agree that my business name, prices, and other materials will be prominently displayed and that they

    will accurately, honestly, and fairly represent me and my products.

  14. I agree to take full responsibility for the behavior and safe conduct of my children whenever they are at

    the Market.

  15. I agree not to bring any pets to the Market.

  16. I agree that, after set-up, my vehicle(s) must be safely parked as instructed by the Market manager.

  17. I understand that these rules are essential to insuring a successful, harmonious, and safe Market.

I have read, understand, and agree to abide by these Union Farmers’ Rules, Union Farmers’ Market Bylaws, and State of Maine Farmers’ Market Law.


Signature: __________________________________________________ Date: ____________________


Printed name: _______________________________________________

Download Market Rules [PDF]

Please contact the person listed on the Market Vendor Application

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