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Wild Fruitings

Cat & Sean are first generation mushroom farmers. Sean, a native Mainer, brought Cat, a native Montanan, back to his home to show her the wonders of Maine. They were lucky enough to meet Amanda and Andy of Maine Mushroom Company who provided them with their former space to start growing mushrooms, a dream years in the making. Together, they started Wild Fruitings in Augusta, ME, out of their love for fungi and passion for bringing good food to the people. They grow several varieties of oyster mushrooms, a delicious Italian mushroom called pioppino, everyone’s favorite lion’s mane, the crunchy chestnut, the meaty king trumpet. They plan to grow and forage many other varieties, including medicinals (reishi, turkey tail, cordyceps) in the near future.

Wild Fruitings

Every Friday from 3-6 pm May - October

27 Common Road, Union, ME


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